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About Us

Founded in October 2014 and maintained by the Brazilian School of Insurance, the Centre for Research on Insurance Economics – CPES operates in the areas of Research, Publications, and Seminars, promoting academic and complementary research activities.

CPES aims to become an industry benchmark, following successful models used in top-notch universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad.

The Center offers masters, doctorate and post-doctorate scholarships for industry professionals and for students and professors producing theses about relevant topics to the Brazilian insurance sector.

Moreover, CPES is a member of the International Insurance Society, an organization that gathers works on the insurance market from over 100 countries in order to facilitate innovation and sustainable growth  of the industry. Learn more at http://www.internationalinsurance.org/.

The research activities at CPES are divided into two large groups:


1. Internal activities:

These are developed by CPES technical staff and include:

Database: collection, analysis, production, storage and dissemination of a large statistical database with open access and friendly environment. With national and international information, it also presents microeconomic records of balance sheets and financial statements of Brazilian companies. The database is the primary source of statistical information for academic institutions, researchers, students and professors;

Research: carried on with intensive use of statistics on risk and the insurance sector, including the long-term monitoring of the performance of insurance companies and pension plans vis-a-vis other sectors of the Brazilian economy and the segmentation of the insurance operations at regional level (states).  These internal researches are conducted by the CPES staff assisted by selected undergraduate and graduate students from the Brazilian School of Insurance and other similar institutions on internship programs.


2. Partnership activities:

These are outsourced research with emphasis on expert consultants, stimulating and bringing Universities and Research Centers to the Brazilian insurance industry. CPES develops partnerships with research institutions at national and international levels.

The main themes for 2016 are:

Environment, catastrophic events, and their impact on insurance and reinsurance: Pricing of damage to natural resources, identification of insurable and manageable damage, and Insurance as a management, control and mitigation of damage mechanism;

Demography, longevity and actuarial data: mortality and specific survival tables, outlined by regions and profile of participants);

Road traffic accidents: social costs, road traffic technology, motorcycle accidents, organization of road-traffic accident statistics etc.


Mission, Vision and Values:

CEPS’s works intend to foster the Brazilian insurance industry, thus, the center offers educational programs, supports technical researches, publishes a wide range of titles and organizes seminars and conferences. The exchange of experiences with Brazilian and foreign education institutes, through associations of technical cooperation and technology transfer on education and insurance, confirms the commitment to high qualification of professionals for a sector that is becoming more and more important in our economy. To stimulate the production and distribution of specialized publications through incentives to Brazilian authors and translations of technical books is also part of CPES’s mission.

The creation of this high-quality research center of insurance economics, with academic activities, has some core objectives that encompass the creation of new knowledge through four types of actions:

  1. Encourage and attract researchers and senior analysts to the insurance market;
  2. Conduct research and adapt innovations from abroad to the Brazilian context, mainly through associations with other international research centers;
  3. Stimulate debate and deliberation through seminars, workshops and discussions of high standard;
  4. Grant MSc’s and PhD’s scholarships to students and professors who are developing researches related to the Centre’s topics in national and international partner institutions, with the purpose of training the senior staff and executives in the insurance industry.


Associated professors:

  1. Eduardo Fraga: Magna Cum Laude graduate in Actuarial Science by UFRJ, PhD Professor in the Actuarial Science course – UERJ and in postgraduate programs, such as Masters, MBA,  D.Sc. and M.Sc. in Finance by COPPEAD/UFRJ, technical analyst at SUSEP and author of various national and internacional publications. Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/1473616196846620;
  2. José Luiz de Carvalho:  Economist, M.Sc. in Economy from EPGE/FGV and Ph.D. in Economy from the University of Chicago, USA. Is currently a Member of the  Editorial Board of the Brazilian Journal of Risk and Insurance, published by the Brazilian School of Insurance. He was also the Editor at the Brazilian Journal of Economy – RBE and published books and scientific articles on specialized journals in Brazil and abroad. Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/5697113449211908